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workshops "autistic skills": a brief history

The workshops were developed together with the participants, with their needs, their experiences and their topics.

impressions of the first workshop summer 2009 the first workshop

beginning 2009: start of the autWorker project

summer 2009: first workshops in Hamburg

since autumn 2009: development of a workshop structure with support of the self-help group in Kiel (ca. 6 months)

since beginning 2010: permanent workshops autistic skills in Hamburg

since autumn 2011: further development of the workshops autistic skills within the context of ABC-project at the Berufsbildungswerk Potsdam (ca. 18 months)

november 2011: start of auticon

since beginning 2012: workshops at auticon and the job-training centers Timmendorfer Strand and Hannover

end of 2012: beginning of Hajos PhD about the experiences within the workshops autistic skills at Prof. Georg Theunissen, Fachbereich Rehabilitationspädagogik, university of Halle

autWorker conference \ too exclusive for inclusion?

summer 2013: contact with autistic activists from Sweden

end of 2013: Hajos cancer diagnose becomes a crisis for autWorker

summer 2014: start of autWorker project autWay

autumn 2014: start of autWorker partner project Autistiskt Initiativ (AI) in Örebro, Sweden

april 2015: autWorker-conference "too exclusive for inclusion?"

february 2016: ending regular workshops autistic skills in Hamburg because of a lack of financing

may 2016: end of autWorker project in its existing form because of a lack of financing

Serena und Hajo in working holidays beginning 2018 working holidays beginning 2018

in 2017: restart of autWorker as a unsalaried project

autumn 2017: end of Autistiskt Initiativ

since end of 2017: workshops "Autistic Skills" at diversicon, Berlin and at some job-training centers

april 2018: autspace-conference in Kloten, Sweden

since summer 2018: regular training workshop with ca. 10 participants at ZAK, Hannover, Germany

since 2018: participation at the working group autism North Germany of the consortium of job-training centers

workshops in numbers

ca. 120 workshops between summer 2009 and spring 2016; ca. 750 autistic participants

4 to 8 participants per Workshop; ca. 75% of participants are job beginners