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Autism research can mean: to (re-)discover the own autism, to develop it, to exchange it with other autistic humans, to experience other autistic humans. Such kind of research is empowerment.

workshops "autistic skills"

August 18 and 19 2018 (Hajo): teaching workshop at ZAK, Hannover, Germany

August 28 2018 (Serena): talk at AutScape conference, Kent, Great Britain

September 2 2018 (Sylvia): workshop "autistic skills" in Hamburg, Germany

September 6 2018 (Serena): talk at Vuxenskolan, Örebro, Sweden

September 7 2018 (Hajo): workshop "autistic skills" (continued) at Berufsbildungswerk Neckargemünd, Neckargemünd, Germany

September 15 2018 (Hajo): talk at Autismus Mittelthüringen, Erfurt, Germany

September 29 2018 (Hajo): talk at 8. autism congress of Elternzentrum Berlin e.V., Berlin, Germany

October 5 2018 (Serena): talk at the finnish autism organisation ASY, Helsinki, Finland

October 9 2018 (Serena): talk at the conference Bygga Broar (Building Bridges), Växjö, Sweden

October 23 2018 (Hajo): workshop at Conference "Autism and Labour", Hamburg, Germany

autumn / winter 2018 (Serena): workshop "autistic skills" at Vuxenskolan, Örebro, Sweden

November 16 2018 (Hajo): staffs training "The Autistic and the non-autistic perspective" at autea, Bielefeld, Germany

December 14 2018 (Hajo): workshop "aut.In autism mentors" at ZAK, Hannover, Germany