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Autism research can mean: to (re-)discover the own autism, to develop it, to exchange it with other autistic humans, to experience other autistic humans. Such kind of research is empowerment.

21 June 2018 (Hajo): talk at Berufsbildungswerk Langen, Langen, Germany

22 June 2018 (Hajo): skillsworkshop at Berufsbildungswerk Langen, Langen, Germany

30 June 2018 (Hajo): talk at Aspies e.V. autism day, Berlin, Germany

18 and 19 August 2018 (Hajo): teaching workshop at ZAK, Hannover, Germany

28 August 2018 (Serena): talk at AutScape conference, Kent, Great Britain

6 September 2018 (Serena): talk at Vuxenskolan, Örebro, Sweden

15 September 2018 (Hajo): talk at Autismus Mittelthüringen, Erfurt, Germany

29 September 2018 (Hajo): talk at 8. autism congress of Elternzentrum Berlin e.V., Berlin, Germany

5 October 2018 (Serena): talk at the finnish autism organisation ASY, Helsinki, Finland

9 October 2018 (Serena): talk at the conference Bygga Broar (Building Bridges), Växjö, Sweden

23 October 2018 (Hajo): workshop at Conference "Autism and Labour", Hamburg, Germany

autumn / winter 2018 (Serena): workshop "autistic skills" at Vuxenskolan, Örebro, Sweden

16 November 2018 (Hajo): staffs training "The Autistic and the non-autistic perspective" at autea, Bielefeld, Germany

14 December 2018 (Hajo): workshop "aut.In autism mentors" at ZAK, Hannover, Germany