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workshops "autistic skills": faq

The moderators of the workshops "autistic skills" build a network in order to research autism from a perspective arising out of the pecularities of autistic thinking and perceiving.

What are these workshops "autistic skills"?

The workshops are whole-day workshops (which means ca 5 to 6 hours) and come with a report for each participant. Best would be a workshop which spans two days with a time-lap of one or two weeks. Workshops should have 6 to 8 participants.

How do I recognise the autWorker workshops "autistic skills"?

The workshops can be found listet on this website at the workshop timetable; on further announcements the autWorker logo is shown.

Which are the experiences of the moderators of the workshops?

The experiences of the moderators are of course different. Moderators are always learners. They are autistic by themselves and have at least some experiences with autistic people. They took part at workshops "autistic skills" themselves. A basic understanding of autism and autism related empowerment is required.

Who can become a moderator of such a workshop?

Who ever is autistic, reflective and willing to learn. Participation at at least one teaching workshop and further workshops "autistic skills" is required.

How can I become a moderator?

The participation at one of the workshops listed on this website should be a good start. Moderating workshops includes taking part at a moderators meeting at least once every half year as well as handing over anonymised reports to autWorker for scientific reviewing.